The Challenge:

This is another great story… Fred Jacobs approached me when he decided to start a stadium seating company after the company he worked for was bought by their largest competitor and shut down. Cheaper to buy them out and shut them down than compete against them I guess.

I worked with Fred to name his new business and develop the brand identity that would instantly identify the business as established and professional. This included logo, website, top-notch photography and 360 VR’s on the site.

After putting it all together in a comprehensive website, we launched. It was not long after that I received my biggest compliment to date. Competitors were furious over how established the new company appeared.

Telescopic Seating Systems is yet another example of how the extensive skill set offered by Wolters Advertising can help even brand new companies have a strong brand presence in their marketplace.

Brand Development, Copywriting, Photography, Web Design, E-Commerce, and Graphic Design. Mad skills all under one roof.

Telescopic Seating Systems Chairs
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