The Challenge:

This is a great story… my son’s baseball coach approached me a few years ago and said “You seem to have vision that extends beyond West Michigan. My partners and I have a product that we are bringing to market and we need a website. Do you do websites?”

Of course they needed much more than just a website! They had a fantastic product under development but what little brand identity they had was limited and pretty amateurish. We decided to set out on the full package of brand development, product photography, video production and of course a website.

Eight years later Klever Innovations is a $10 million company with offices on three continents and sales in nearly every country on earth. They take employee safety seriously and I’m proud to be a part of such a phenomenal success story.

The extensive skill set I possess is perfectly suited to helping any size business communicate their brand to their customers and reach the next level of success. Let’s write your story, contact me today!

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