The Challenge:

Matt and Mark Jacobs approached Wolters Advertising when they were toying with the idea of starting a new business together. They were starting from zero, without a clue how to find focus or establish the new company as a viable brand.

I worked with them to help narrow options and create a direction for the business. Once a direction was established I designed a logo and developed the style guide. From there things fell into place as I designed the products they would sell, following the standards established in the guide.

You’d think that would be a full plate, but it was just the beginning! I put it all together in a comprehensive e-commerce website featuring outstanding product photography naturally done in-house by yours truly.

Dork Brothers Athletics is a perfect example of the extensive skill set offered by Wolters Advertising. Brand Development, Copywriting, Photography, Web Design, E-Commerce, and Graphic Design. Mad skills all under one roof.

Dork Brothers Hoodie
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