The Challenge:

When Biogen-Idec faced the challenge of how to increase sales of their market-leading Multiple Sclerosis drug, Avonex, they turned to AbelsonTaylor and Wolters for a solution.

Several possibilities for new branding images were presented to  focus groups. The image that performed heads above the rest involved a train, which illustrated the power of Avonex. It was consistently noted that a freight train didn’t convey the image of Avonex being a “modern” drug, however.

It was decided to create an image of a train that was immediately recognizable as a train; but one that was modern, powerful, and safe. I drew inspiration from the Dodge Magnum when sketching the train shape as it conveys a comforting retro image while retaining a modern and powerful style at the same time. The female model (Anna) was photographed in Chicago and I set out to create a “train of text.” Several elements were photographed and combined at extremely high resolution so the final image could be printed life size (literally the size of a real train) and used as the background of Biogen-Idec’s trade show booth.

What are the results? Powerful, to say the least. Sales increased 25% during the first year the image was used as the primary branding identity of Avonex.

Avonex Branding Image



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