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Virtually our products can be shipped to all countries around the world except for those products with restrictions or impossible to be shipped to certain destinations. If your order is impossible to be shipped, we will contact you.

Please enter your address in English which can make it easier for the shipping company to read and handle your parcel.

Shipping Costs

The shipping cost on our products vary with the type, location, shipping method, and warehouse you selected. You can view the shipping cost on the description page for each product and in the checkout step.
1.Make sure to select the right country of destination in the “Country/Region” field in the middle section of each page;
2.Choose a shipping method;
3.An estimate of the shipping cost will be shown on the page.

The shipping cost shown at checkout represent the current shipping rate for most countries. In some cases, the actual shipping cost may be higher than what is shown on our website. In such cases you will be informed of any additional charges and your confirmation will be required before we proceed with processing of your order or transaction.

Delivery Time

The total delivery time is the sum of the lead time and the shipping time.
Lead time = the period betwen your ordder and shipment of the ordered products. (It usually lasts for 1-5 days, shown on the product description page after the product name.);
Shipping time = the period between shipment and delivery of your order. (It usually requires about 15-20 business days dependant on the shipping method.).

But please note that any delivery time or date, time or periods mentioned herein, or otherwise quoted or communicated to you in any form or manner, are merely estimates and are not guaranteed, and may be subject to delays for a variety of reasons, some of which may be out of our control. For example, in some cases, your customs authority may hold your products which may result in a delay of the delivery. Except as provided in the next paragraph, we shall not be responsible or liable for any late delivery or non-delivery caused by such objective factors (for whatever cause or reason, and whether or not within our control).

If any product fails to arrive at you within 14 business days from the date on which your order or transaction was accepted and your payment was received, or from the applicable estimated or quoted delivery date, whichever is the later, then you may reject, cancel or terminate your order or transaction, in which event we will be solely and exclusively liable, and in respect of the late delivery or non-delivery and the resulted rejection, cancellation or termination of the order, you are entitled to the sole and exlusive remedy in the form of refund (interest-free) to the extent of any payment you have already made for such order or transaction.


You shall be solely and exlusively liable for all risks of loss and damage of your purchased product(s) during the transportation between you and us. Please note that, under applicable laws and/or international treaties, the liability of the carrier, shipper, shipping agent and/or other relevant parties for any loss of or damage to product(s) handled by them may be excluded, recovered or limited. Therefore, for all shipments, we recommend that you purchase appropriate, relevant and adequate insurance to cover against the risk of loss and damage during transportation. Please contact us to inquire about available insurance rates for your order or transaction.

All items are carefully packed for the purpose of export and they are generally delivered in customary one-way standard export package. (In any exceptional cases, the package will be at our cost, which shall be calculated on the basis of the verifiable net cost.) However, should items become damaged or lost in transit to you, we shall not be responsible or liable therefore.

When you purchase such insurance, the insurance terms and conditions of the underwriter by whom such insurance is effected shall be followed; provided however that the coverage provided by such insurance shall be limited to the invoice value of the items.

In the event that you have purchased insurance and you want to file a claim for any loss of or damage to your product under such insurance through us, please contact us to initiate the claim. We will then refund the cost or replace the product, but only if and after confirmation has been received from the insurance company regarding acceptance of the claim and payment of the compensation.

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