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How to Earn SUNSKY Points

Register on our SUNSKY site: 10 SUNSKY Points

If you are a new customer, just sign up and create a new account, you will then receive 10 SUNSKY points credited into your account. It’s so simple!

Confirm your email address: 10 SUNSKY Points

To make sure your registered email address has been entered correctly, please confirm your email address. We'll be happy to grant you 10 SUNSKY points once your email address is confirmed.

Sign into our SUNSKY site

To show our appreciation and support to you as a valued customer, you will be granted 10 SUNSKY points for signing in 5 days in a week.

Share our products to social network

Login our website, enter into the product's page, below the product's photo, you can see "Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google, Pinterest", share it.
Share 1, earn 1 SUNSKY Point, you could obtain 5 SUNSKY Points at most every day.
That's not all, If the shared link bring a purchase, you will earn at least 1% commission.
Very convenient and fast to share! Share more good products to your friends, earn more points for yourself.
PS. you should use the account that the registered email is confirmed.

Join Buyers’ Show

30 Sunsky Points For every show (how to join buyer show)

Write reviews about your SUNSKY purchases

Write reviews for your purchased products and you will get 10 SUNSKY Points ($0.20) for every GOOD QUALITY review.
If your review be selected as Most Helpful Review, you'll get more 10 points($0.20)

That’s not all, the first 3 reviewers for each product will receive 30 points($0.60)

you will have extra Lottery Points for your reviews, use it to take lottery draws and win a free gift, click here

Follow us and write reviews on social media page

Follow on Sunsky's Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google, Pinterest pages,
contact your sale rep and show your account, we will add 10 SUNSKY points for each account page,
that's mean, if you follow all our 5 pages, we will add 50 SUNSKY points to your account.
write good reviews with 5 star on these pages, 20 SUNSKY points will be rewarded for each review.

We will update new products and videos on Sunsky social media page, Follow us, Have Fun!

Write reviews on the third-party websites

Leave your precious reviews on the third-party websites Trustpilot Reseller Ratings App Store and other websites,
about our products, or services. Whether you are satisfied or not, please send the link to your sale rep, you will earn at least 20 SUNSKY points.

How to Use SUNSKY Points

Place Orders

50 SUNSKY Points = $1 cost saving for the future orders.
As long as the SUNSKY points in your account exceed 50, you can convert your SUNSKY points to cash at a ratio of 50:1 when you make your orders.
An order cannot be paid with SUNSKY points totally, you should pay for the HALF amount with cash at least.

Download Product Images without watermark

Each download for the unpurchased product images without watermark will cost you 2 SUNSKY Points. But the Pre-VIP and higher level customers are free to download the product images. Check Sunsky Account Level

Win gift

SUNSKY presents you extra Lottery Points for your reviews, you could use the Lottery Points to take lottery draws and win a free gift.
The quantity of the Lottery Points you will obtain is the same as the SUNSKY Points you are granted for your reviews.
Sunsky prepare wonderful prizes for you to draw, such as Xiaomi smartphone,VR Box,RC Helicopter.
 Click here to view the details of the lottery. 

Apply for the Open API Services

Once the SUNSKY Points reach 1000 or the order amount reach usd 1000, you could apply to us for the Open API Services, You can integrate your own website or management system with SUNSKY Open API to get the newest product information automatically.

Refer to: Open API Services
Tips: If the balance is use for API service / data exchange / user level upgrade, the balance can use buy order, but is not available to refund.

Contact SUNSKY
Sales Manager: Ms. Kathy

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