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Buyers’ Show

Join Buyers’ Show to Win Points!

If you have got a Haweel and Puluz from us and send us your testimonial with snap photos taken when using the item, you will be much appreciated and awarded Sunsky Points!

Everyone Has the Chance to Win Points

You will get 30 Sunsky Points if you upload and allow us to use your photos. Click here to check how to use the points

If you write reviews for the products got on Sunsky website, you will get 10 or more points, and additionally, you will be presented lottery points. You can use the lottery points to enter lottery draws and win free gifts. You will be awarded lottery points in the same quantity asthe Sunsky points you are awarded for your reviews. Click here to view the details of lottery points.

If the photos shared by your are found amazing, you will win up to 5,000 Sunsky points every month from Sunsky.

How to join Buyers’ Show

You can take snap photos of the Haweel and Puluz branded items that you bought from Sunsky and post them in the following way:

Send your photos by email: at titled “Buyers’ Show for Sunsky Product with Model # and Order #.

Contact SUNSKY
Sales Manager: Ms. Kris

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